What Is The New Car Dealership In Apex, North Carolina?


certified bmw apex

We have talked to many people who have seen signs and heard advertisements for a new car lot in Apex, North Carolina. It appears that there is a new location in the area to buy a used car, as there is indeed a new dealership in Apex, Apex Imports.

We did some research on this used car dealer and it appears that this dealership is actually the sister dealership of Hanna Imports in Raleigh.  They had opened a second location in Apex last year, and it seems they decided to change the name and rebrand the Apex location to Apex imports. We looked into the dealership and they are different than their sister dealership in Raleigh. Apex Imports’ website talks a lot about their focus on certified vehicles. Curious about what “Certified Pre-Owned” means? Check out this article from US News.

Certified vehicles are a way for car dealers to help assure the customer that the vehicles don’t have any problems or hidden damages. Apex Imports has a huge selection of certified used cars in Apex that they certify with their warranty, which they call the “Apex Assurance” on their website. You can find more details about that on their website.

We did a pricing comparison with other independent car lots in the area. It appears that Apex Imports does have extremely competitive prices. They also have lots of cars, all of which appear to be low mileage, and lots are from the “luxury” brands like BMW and Mercedes. Their website talks about how a lot of their cars are bought from the manufacturer’s leasing arm directly, like Lexus financial.

Apex Imports is located at 1405 Vision Dr Apex, NC 27523. That used to be the location of Hanna Imports of Apex, until they did the rebranding. Therefore, it looks like there is technically not a “new” car dealership in Apex because the same people work there. However, if you are looking for a used car in Apex, we would recommend taking a look at Apex Imports as a place to buy your next vehicle.


Jeep Wrangler: Lowest Loss for Smashing in to Deer

Every year over 1 million Americans will report hitting a deer, resulting in billions of dollars in insurance claims. 175 – 200 people will actually be killed in a deer vs auto accident. So… which vehicle is the safest for smashing into these animals?

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Two SUVs from Jeep lead the lowest-loss list. The Wrangler two-door small SUV and four-door midsize model had the lowest overall losses for animal strikes at about one-third of the all-passenger vehicle average.

We’re guessing that most of the people who get killed were actually crashing into cars and hitting trees. This Louisville attorney points out that your friends and other people you injure may even sue you if you injure them. So, don’t smash into people just because there’s a deer in the road; you’ll be much better off just hitting your brakes and if you must just hit the deer and send them flying! Weee!

If you’d like to avoid hitting a deer or you do not have a Jeep Wrangler, consider some of these tips:

  • Deer are most active from 6-9PM
  • Deer travel in groups and typically cross the road in a single file fashion. If you see a deer, there’s another nearby likely following it.
  • Bucks act crazy during “the rut” when the does are in heat.
  • Deer get “stuck in the headlights”. If you see a deer standing in the road staring at you – it has been blinded by your headlights and it isn’t going to move until his/her eyes adjust, and that takes a lot longer than your 60MPH car does to get to where they’re standing.
  • Deer sometimes dart out in front of your car because their friends dared them to.

Who is the Hot Spanish Girl in the Mark Jacobson Toyota TV Commercial?

UPDATE: We believe this could be Linette De Los Santos who was Miss Florida 2017. Here is a photo.

If you have watched TV in Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill or Fayetteville, North Carolina in the last three months you have likely seen the Mark Jacobson Toyota commercial in which a very attractive Spanish girl discusses the sales and deals with Mark Jacobson. The first time you watch the video you may think she is mulatto but she starts speaking Spanish at the end of most commercials.

Some may even think she is Brazilian or Portuguese. We are not aware of the name of this hot actress but we are going to do our best to find out. While she is much different than the attractive blonde woman on the Powers Swain TV commercials, she is very appealing.

If you know the name of this Spanish woman on the Mark Jacobson TV commercials, please comment below.

Do I Need A Social Security Number To Buy A Car In North Carolina?

Want to buy a car but don’t have a social security number for some reason? That is ok, maybe you are an immigrant to the United States and do not have a social security number, you can still buy a car. Many people think you have to get a social security number to buy a car in North Carolina, but that is not true. Here are the facts:

You do not legally need a social security number to buy a car in North Carolina. If a dealer tells you that they cannot sell to you it could be because it takes more work. On the dealer side it does require a longer process to sell to someone without a social security number. Therefore, sometimes they try to avoid them.

Many want to find a car dealer that sells to people without a social security number, and there are several that are happy to sell to immigrants or others who may need to buy a car but do not have a social security number.

Should I Buy Or Lease A Car In Clinton, North Carolina?

Should I buy or lease a car? It is a common question, and each side has its pro’s and con’s. The answer really depends on the vehicle. If you want to, for example, buy or lease a Ford in Clinton, North Carolina, consider the following three criteria:

1. Do you drive a lot of miles, or relatively few miles?

If you drive a lot, a lease may not be for you. Most leases have mileage caps of around 10,000 to 15,000 miles a year. This means that if you drive more than that number of miles, you have to pay a certain amount of money per mile over the cap. That really adds up if you drive a lot. It is for this reason that leases are more common in big cities like New York or San Francisco where people do not drive long distances often. If you live in Clinton, North Carolina, you may not drive much.

2. Do you like to drive a new vehicle every 2 to 3 years?

If you are the type of person who likes to drive a new car every few years, a lease may be a good option for you. Most leases are around 24-36 months, though the terms do vary. This means every few years you can trade in and upgrade to a new vehicle. If you like having access to the latest in technology, you may be the right candidate for a lease.

3. What kind of monthly payment are you looking for?

It is generally agreed that the best financial decision long term is to buy a vehicle. However, this assumes that the person has the finances to afford a higher monthly payment, pay the loan in full, and still own the car for a couple of years. If you want a lower monthly payment, perhaps around 200 dollars or below a month, a lease could be better for you. Most leases are lower in cost than a monthly car payment, sometimes much lower depending on the vehicle.

In Summary

Leasing a vehicle is better for some, but not all. Speak to your financial person or your local Clinton Ford dealer to find out if leasing a vehicle could be good for you, or if it is wiser to buy.

Can I Buy A New Ford F-150 For Under $300 A Month?

The Ford F-150 is a very popular truck, and one of the most popular models of all time. While many people want to own a New F-150, not everyone has the money to spend $400 or $500 a month on a new truck. Therefore, many people have asked: Can I buy a New Ford F-150 for under $300 a month?

The answer is YES. Some dealerships offer New Ford F-150’s for under 300 dollars a month. We found confirmation online of a Ford dealership in Clinton, North Carolina offering a New 2017 Ford F-150 for $300 a month. However, the price strongly depends on the trim of the truck you want.

What does trim mean? Trim is a term used by people in the automotive industry to describe specific cars. Typically every vehicle trim has different features and a slightly different look. For example, the Ford F-150 has several trims, including the following:

  • F-150 King Ranch
  • F-150 Raptor
  • F-150 Platinum
  • F-150 Limited
  • F-150 XL
  • F-150 XLT
  • F-150 Lariat

Not all of these may fall in the price range you are looking for. Some trims are definitely more expensive than others. For example, the model above that is available for $300 a month is a New 2017 Ford F-150 XLT for $24,899. Ford F-150 trucks with the Raptor or King Ranch trims for example, are typically more expensive, and come with a lot of features not available on the other models.

It is also important to know, sometimes F-150 trucks have big discounts available depending on the month. The can be substantial discounts, sometimes over $10,000, and can really bring the price down on a New Ford F-150. Therefore, if you see a price that you are happy with that includes a discount, you may want to grab that deal while you can. You don’t want to deal to disappear on you!

Why is 252-888-2401 Calling Me?

Did you get a phone call or voicemail from a phone number that was 252-888-2401? This is not a scam or a sales call so don’t worry, this could actually be a good thing!

This number is the number of Jonathan Griffin, who is the Sales Manager at Lookout Ford, Ford dealership in Morehead City, NC. We wanted to know why he called us so we looked into it. Jonathan is calling previous customers of Lookout Ford, as well as some members of the community, because he wants to buy their cars. This could potentially be super good news for you. Why? Because:

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma were very destructive and damaged thousands of cars in Texas and Florida beyond repair. The demand for used cars is higher than ever because so many were destroyed. This is why car dealers like Lookout Ford are increasing their inventory by buying people’s used cars, to satisfy this demand in those areas where people lost their cars. Your vehicle is worth a LOT more than it was before Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit. However, this increase in the value of your car will not last forever. Other people will begin to trade in cars for a newer model vehicle, and this temporary increase in demand will disappear. This means you only have a short time to sell or trade in your car and make this extra money, as well as get a new car.

If you have been thinking about buying a new car, about trading yours in, or even if you haven’t thought about selling your car before, you should call Jonathan and see how much money he is willing to pay for your car. The make and model of the car you have is not important, Jonathan will want to buy your car, even if it isn’t a Ford and is from a totally different manufacturer. If you own something like a New 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, he will want to buy it. Call him now and see if you can upgrade to a brand new car!

Why is Jonathan Griffin from Lookout Ford Calling Me?

Did you recently get a phone call or voicemail from Jonathan Griffin at Lookout Ford? This isn’t a scam and he isn’t trying to sell you anything, this could actually be a good thing for you!

Jonathan Griffin is the Sales Manager at Lookout Ford in Morehead City, NC. People asked us who he was, so we looked into why he is calling. Jonathan is calling people in the community and previous customers of Lookout Ford looking to buy their cars. This could be really good news for you. Here’s why:

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma destroyed thousands of cars in Texas, Florida, and the other states where they hit. The demand for pre-owned vehicles is now very high because so many were destroyed. This is why car dealers like Lookout Ford are calling people looking to increase their inventory. Your used car is worth a LOT more than it was before the hurricanes in Texas and Florida. This increased value in your vehicle will not last forever, however. Other people will begin trading in their cars now and fill this temporary demand in the market, meaning you have limited time to take advantage of this extra value in your current car.

If you have thought in the past about trading in your car for a newer model, or if you haven’t thought about trading it in, you should call Jonathan back and see what he is willing to give you for your car. The make and model of your current car does not matter, Jonathan will be interested in your car, even if it isn’t a Ford and is something like a new or used Jeep Wrangler. Give him a call and see if you can trade in your car to make some money and get into a newer car!

Why is 910-387-1766 Calling Me?

Did you recently receive a phone call or voicemail from the phone number 910-387-1766? Don’t worry, this isn’t a scam, this could actually be a good thing for you!

This number belongs to Nick Autry, Sales Manager at Performance Ford of Clinton, NC. We looked into it, and he is calling previous customers and members of the community looking to buy their cars. This could be very good news for you.

The recent hurricanes destroyed thousands of vehicles in Florida and Texas. Because of this, car dealers like Performance Ford are trying to increase their used vehicle inventory since the demand for used cars is now so high. This means that your used car is likely work a LOT more right now than it was before the inclement weather. However, this increased value will not last long as people take advantage of the demand and trade in their cars for newer models.

If you have thought at all about trading in your car for a nicer model, or even if you haven’t, we highly recommend that you give Nick a call back and see what he is willing to offer you for your car. Your current vehicle does not even need to be a Ford, they will buy any kind of car.

Who was the car dealer at Hubb’s Corn Maze?

Did you visit Hubb’s Corn Maze this weekend, Saturday September 30th or Sunday October 1st? If so you may have seen several new cars and trucks there. A local car dealer from Clinton, Performance Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram, brought several new car models to the corn maze. They were there to support North Carolina First Responders, and acted as the sponsor for the weekend.

Some of the cars and trucks you may have seen that they brought to the maze include:

This car dealer has special offers running for September and October that they were promoting, so if you saw their cars and want to contact them you can call them at (888) 735-5701.

Their sister dealership, Performance Ford, was also at the event with some of their new car models, including:

  • Ford F150
  • Ford Mustang
  • Ford F150 Raptor

Performance Ford also acted as a sponsor for First Responder’s Weekend at Hubbs Corn Maze this weekend. If you were looking for information to contact them after seeing one of their vehicles at the corn maze, you can contact them at (877) 782-2606.