What Is The New Car Dealership In Apex, North Carolina?


certified bmw apex

We have talked to many people who have seen signs and heard advertisements for a new car lot in Apex, North Carolina. It appears that there is a new location in the area to buy a used car, as there is indeed a new dealership in Apex, Apex Imports.

We did some research on this used car dealer and it appears that this dealership is actually the sister dealership of Hanna Imports in Raleigh.¬† They had opened a second location in Apex last year, and it seems they decided to change the name and rebrand the Apex location to Apex imports. We looked into the dealership and they are different than their sister dealership in Raleigh. Apex Imports’ website talks a lot about their focus on certified vehicles. Curious about what “Certified Pre-Owned” means? Check out this article from US News.

Certified vehicles are a way for car dealers to help assure the customer that the vehicles don’t have any problems or hidden damages. Apex Imports has a huge selection of certified used cars in Apex¬†that they certify with their warranty, which they call the “Apex Assurance” on their website. You can find more details about that on their website.

We did a pricing comparison with other independent car lots in the area. It appears that Apex Imports does have extremely competitive prices. They also have lots of cars, all of which appear to be low mileage, and lots are from the “luxury” brands like BMW and Mercedes. Their website talks about how a lot of their cars are bought from the manufacturer’s leasing arm directly, like Lexus financial.

Apex Imports is located at 1405 Vision Dr Apex, NC 27523. That used to be the location of Hanna Imports of Apex, until they did the rebranding. Therefore, it looks like there is technically not a “new” car dealership in Apex because the same people work there. However, if you are looking for a used car in Apex, we would recommend taking a look at Apex Imports as a place to buy your next vehicle.


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