Why is 910-387-1766 Calling Me?

Did you recently receive a phone call or voicemail from the phone number 910-387-1766? Don’t worry, this isn’t a scam, this could actually be a good thing for you!

This number belongs to Nick Autry, Sales Manager at Performance Ford of Clinton, NC. We looked into it, and he is calling previous customers and members of the community looking to buy their cars. This could be very good news for you.

The recent hurricanes destroyed thousands of vehicles in Florida and Texas. Because of this, car dealers like Performance Ford are trying to increase their used vehicle inventory since the demand for used cars is now so high. This means that your used car is likely work a LOT more right now than it was before the inclement weather. However, this increased value will not last long as people take advantage of the demand and trade in their cars for newer models.

If you have thought at all about trading in your car for a nicer model, or even if you haven’t, we highly recommend that you give Nick a call back and see what he is willing to offer you for your car. Your current vehicle does not even need to be a Ford, they will buy any kind of car.

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