Why is 252-888-2401 Calling Me?

Did you get a phone call or voicemail from a phone number that was 252-888-2401? This is not a scam or a sales call so don’t worry, this could actually be a good thing!

This number is the number of Jonathan Griffin, who is the Sales Manager at Lookout Ford, Ford dealership in Morehead City, NC. We wanted to know why he called us so we looked into it. Jonathan is calling previous customers of Lookout Ford, as well as some members of the community, because he wants to buy their cars. This could potentially be super good news for you. Why? Because:

Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma were very destructive and damaged thousands of cars in Texas and Florida beyond repair. The demand for used cars is higher than ever because so many were destroyed. This is why car dealers like Lookout Ford are increasing their inventory by buying people’s used cars, to satisfy this demand in those areas where people lost their cars. Your vehicle is worth a LOT more than it was before Hurricanes Harvey and Irma hit. However, this increase in the value of your car will not last forever. Other people will begin to trade in cars for a newer model vehicle, and this temporary increase in demand will disappear. This means you only have a short time to sell or trade in your car and make this extra money, as well as get a new car.

If you have been thinking about buying a new car, about trading yours in, or even if you haven’t thought about selling your car before, you should call Jonathan and see how much money he is willing to pay for your car. The make and model of the car you have is not important, Jonathan will want to buy your car, even if it isn’t a Ford and is from a totally different manufacturer. If you own something like a New 2017 Chevrolet Silverado 1500, he will want to buy it. Call him now and see if you can upgrade to a brand new car!

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