Why Do Car Dealers Ask For Your Driver’s License?

If you have been to a car dealership to purchase a vehicle in the last several years, you have likely had to provide your driver’s license. If a driver’s license isn’t required to buy a car¬†why does a car salesperson always want to make a copy of your license?

The reason they often do this is to get your personal information such as your address and date of birth. If you are financing a vehicle at a car dealership, they are also going to ask for your social security number. They cannot run a credit check without your SSN.

One way to avoid the question of “can I see your driver’s license?” is to buy a vehicle from a private seller. Anyone selling a vehicle on Craigslist or in a classified ad in a newspaper does not care about your driver’s license. In fact, it is almost a guarantee they will never ask.

You may also be able to save a lot of time and money by purchasing a vehicle from a private seller. They will not try to sell you on insurance or upgrades. They will not push a maintenance package and they surely do not want to finance your vehicle for you. In the long run, if you are someone that is good under the hood, buying a car on Craigslist is always a solid option.

If you do not desire to give up your valid driver’s license when buying a car, know that you do not have to. Most dealers will want you to because it is necessary to have a valid driver’s license to actually drive the car off the lot. Keep this in mind when you are vehicle shopping in the next few months. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

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